When you visit South Florida, it is important to know that the highways and the Florida Turnpike use a cashless electronic toll system. Let us repeat, there is no opportunity to pay cash..  This electronic system offers 2 methods of  payment.  The Sunpass is a transponder that is placed inside the vehicle on the front windshield.  This Sunpass transponder is set up as a revolving account off of a credit card or debit card (with a $10.00 minimum balance) that deducts the toll fee when passing through the electronic system.  You can learn more and where to purchase this transponder at  www.sunpass.com.   If you do not have a Sunpass transponder, the Toll By Plate bill system is used.  This means that the electronic toll system will take a picture of the vehicle's license plate and will send a bill once a month to the address of the vehicle owner.  This bill will list all the tolls gone through that month plus an additional billing administrative fee.  This bill must be paid for in 30 days to avoid violation.  It is our understanding also that this bill will go to Canada.  What has been described here so far is related to ownership of the vehicle.

Renting a vehicle is different when it comes to the electronic tolls in Florida.  Unfortunately, there is no regulation in Florida as to how much a Rental Company can charge to include Toll coverage in a vehicle.  Some companies might charge as little as $4.00 a day plus the amount of the tolls while others might charge over $10.00 per day for the same coverage.  It is our experience that if the car rental rate is cheaper than others, they might be making that up by offering expensive weekly rates for toll coverage.  A company like Alamo we find to be more reasonable.  Questions to consider when renting a car include:  What is the daily, weekly ,or even monthly charge to include toll coverage in the vehicle?   Do they charge only on the days that you drive through a toll?  or, do you pay a toll fee on every day of vehicle rental use even if you do not go through tolls every day?  We have heard of some car rentals telling customers that they will receive a $25.00 fine for each toll if they do not opt into a weekly or large toll coverage fee.  We suggest that you shop around before renting.

On this page we are providing links to South Florida maps that show toll locations. More specifically for the toll roads around Miami.  To note, there are no tolls on US One to the Florida Keys or on other main roads like State Road 441 (Tamiami Trail) or on State Road 997 (Krome Avenue).  On I-95 from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, there is one toll lane on the inside left.  The other lanes are free to travel.


MDx roads around Miami