The Key Largo Princess is a luxurious 75-foot, 140-passenger, glass bottom aluminum motor yacht. From our sun deck, you will have a panoramic offshore view of the Florida Keys and can view the ever-changing colors of the Atlantic Ocean.

A 45-minute voyage out to the reef gives you time to relax on our sun deck and sip a tropical cocktail or beverage from our full-service snack bar. If you prefer, you can ride in the comfort of our climate-controlled cabin.

Once we reach the reef, you will be able to observe the coral reef through our large viewing windows, which are large enough for everyone to observe the reef at the same time and are located along the center of the boat and installed flat so there is no distortion other than what nature creates.

Everything you see on our tour is or was alive and the reef itself is built off of many varieties of living coral and teems with an assortment of sea life. Your tour guide will be able to point out all kinds of sea creatures which may include sea fans, sea plumes and hundreds of fish ranging from small tropical to larger species sought after by local fishermen.

Occasionally, we’ll even spot some of the ship wreckage that has been left behind by those who were most likely defeated by King Neptune over the years.